Corruption and anger in disguise, feed the fire with your lies.

Today at lunch this damn annoying girl who thinks she’s Goth was talking about stabbing someone at a night club, laughing and listening to metal music or whatever. She’s so God damn stupid I wish I could kick her in the throat. She’s always trying to get attention by saying the most dumbest things. One day we were talking about what a real goth would be like, and somewhere along the lines she squeals, “Yaaay, Gothic!!” Like, what the fuck? She has no literature taste, I’m sure, has no deep views on anything, and her attempt at dark humor failed horribly. Another kid in my math class is being a fucking douche bag, he thinks I’m gonna let him make fun of me and get me in trouble with the teacher then hand over my math homework to him. I did it before out of friendliness, but I’ll fucking be damned before I let someone step all over me. :/ So now he’s not getting shit, and his friend Arthur better not let him copy my Spanish homework. Or he’s not going to copy it either. Arthur is my friend, so I’m okay with letting him copy it. Other then that, my day was pretty uneventful. Except some stupid broads were wearing skirts and summer clothes like it was Spring or something. It’s the middle of effen Winter. Put some fucking clothes on. And they all looked so stupid, I can’t stand weather confused sluts. Even a few female teachers looked pretty stupid today.

I’m writing a story about a girl who loses her leg and wants to become a pirate and goes on these crazy adventures with her friends and soon to be friends, I wanna add people I  know into it, such as my best friends and such. I’m also practicing guitar(acoustic) but I’ve been so damn busy with everything else it’s been hard to keep up with it. I don’t have ANY picks, so I’m practicing my picking for a little while. I wish I had an artist to help me draw the characters, that would be awesome. Too bad I have on artistic ability what so ever. All I can do is write, well, at least I think I can. It’s the only strong subject I have in school, I mean but come on, it’s so damn easy.


~ by souplovespie on January 14, 2010.

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