Sup sluts?

Hey bitches, the name is Nicole, call me Yazzy. This is going to be my personal vent journal so I won’t be angry and negative when I go to school. I curse. A lot. More than a young lady should. I despise people who think their better than others,  stuck up bitches and hoes, you know who you are, trend followers, yes I can understand following some. But if you solely depend on what everyone else is doing you’re a fag to me. I love originality and confident people. I hate fakers, whiners, and back stabbers. I don’t like it when people stare at others, especially me.

I’m normally very negative and distant at times. I have many friends, but only two or three I trust and are close to. I come off as unfeeling and being apathetic, but I’m actually pretty kewl beans when you get to know me. I love my music, I listen to everything, jazz, classical, old school hip hop and RnB, metal, pop(Micheal Jackson), and so on. I hate people with horrid taste in music, Justin Beiber, is not the new king of pop, Jonas Brothers are never going to be better than The Beatles, they can both blow my seven inch invisible cock. Most mainstream music I really hate, especially not nu-hip hop. I love rap, just not this new crap called rap. It’s all about the same damn thing. I hate repetition, it cases boredom, and boredom is bad. But anyways, that’s a quick glimpse since I’ve got other stuff to do. See yah later dirt bags.


~ by souplovespie on January 14, 2010.

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