Writing, bordem.

I’ve been continuing my story again, though I was about to give up on it. I usually like to rush to get to the parts I was thinking about, such as meeting up with new crew members, and the places they’ll go. I especially wanna get to the part with the maid who does drugs gets picked up to the help ‘swab the deck’. I think she’d be a perfect character, I’ll consider her my friend Andy, since I’m adding a few interesting characters I know. I still have a lot to know. I read on another blog about how writers suck with money, very very true. I honestly suck with money, and with math. I don’t intend on making writing my sole objective in life, I have to make money, I’ll have to get a REAL job that’ll keep up with bills and such. Pfft, but I’m only fifteen, I’ll think about that later on. Today was also pretty uneventful, ‘cept my older sister came back for like two days. She’s always taking up the space on my bed, she isn’t even fat, just very built. But not creepy muscle head, she joined the army, what do you expect? My other sister is going to do the same, as she says, and join as well. Which will be fantastic, I’ll have my own damn room, and it’ll actually stay clean. I’ve been talking to my best friend, Amira, she’s so awesome, she’s back in Egypt now so that really sucks. But she’ll be back again, and soon next year, she’ll be back to stay. :D!! Until then, we’re just a computer screen away. >;[

I’ve been so damn bored lately it makes me angry. I’m trying to find something to fill up my time, because it’s this kind of free time people wish they could always have. Everyone else seems to almost have their lives perfectly planned out, lucky bastards. My mom thinks I’m gonna join the army or some shit, when I’m sure as Hell not. :/ She’s always saying fucked up shit to me, claiming that she’s only hard on me for my own good. She did the same thing to my older sister, Danielle. But she’s an emotional baby, so I’m not surprised her tough love worked her over quick. Whatever.


~ by souplovespie on January 16, 2010.

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