Rap vs. Rock/Racism On The Compooter

I was looking up all the genres of music, I still need country I believe. Ah, I wanted to talk about rap and rock. I listen to both, the good kind, not that mainstream bullshit. First of all, before you go to judge rap, think about where you’ve been hearing it. Was it MTV? If so, then shut up. Because that’s not rap. :/ It’s all bullshit, a disgrace to rap’s name. Old school rap is where it’s at. You need to look things up before you can judge it. Yeah, I use to hate Rap without giving it a chance to speak for itself. But then I decided to give it a chance. And it’s like poetry. Rock is good as well, depending where you hear it from. Once again, is mainstream, or perhaps, from MTV? Then you have failed in life. Do you at least know two indie bands? Probably not. The point being, every genre has its good points, trust me. Even Rap, even rock. Just give it a chance. Don’t rush right into metal if you’re a rap person, it’ll scare you, trust me. Try something simple and easy, then progress, same goes for rock and metal heads. I’m an aspiring music head, so I think it’s my duty to have excellent taste in music, and love every genre before stereotyping it. Except Pop, that’s just sad.

Mkay, my nice thing I want to talk about, is racism..on the computer. Why is it white people think they can throw around the N word like saying the word fuck or kitten. I think it’s funny, because you’d never see them do it to their faces. Now, I’m not saying the word offends me, I know it means ignorant, not black person. I can’t say I don’t care about slavery, but I can’t say I do. I understand it and I won’t forget it. But it was my ancestors, not really ME myself getting whipped out there in a cotton fields. And, yes, using the race card is fun. It’s funny, not to be taken so seriously. Some white people can be so serious sometimes, chill out dude, take a chill pill. And no, I’m not using dude as a way to make fun of white people, I say that regularly. I even say yo. White people have asked me, “How come you guys can say nigga, and we can’t?” Ah..I kinda don’t know. I guess it’s like..something we wanna keep away from you. Like how us black girls do our hair. Do you think we trail off at the mouth to our white friends about our weave? No. No we don’t. As you may or may not know, nigga is a word referring to a friend, “What’s up mah nigga?” So on and so forth. Not saying white people should go around saying, “What’s up mah cracka?” That would be funny though. xD Anyways. The point is, be respectful to each other, geeze, we’re all gonna leave this world anyways. What makes us different? Besides the color our skin?


~ by souplovespie on January 29, 2010.

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