New Site Haven, Pie, The Wall.

Been awhile, I’m lazy, what can I say? I found this new site called quirky black girls. Yah. Pretty much my haven. You may have been wondering where my name came from. Well, I am Soup, and my best guy friend is Pie. We use to go out awhile back, I broke up with him and a few months later we became friends. Which then turned into best friend…which then turned into best friend’s loving each other. We both tell each other we love each other all the time, which I looove to do, of course. It’s kinda sad, cause I wanna love him again.~ But I have my reasons for breaking it off. NO HE DIDN’T CHEAT. And I didn’t leave him for another. But now it’s complicated. He wants me to live with him. :0 Which I totally woooould. I gave him the nickname Pie, because, well..he’s so sweet! :] I love ’em to death, even when he pisses me off. >o < It’s like when he gets me mad I forget all about when I talk to him again. GOD. I can hate ANYONE except him. >:O He’s a cancer, so he’s all emotional and such, thought lately he’s been..not so emotional. He’s had a hard past, I only know a few things. There’s probably a lot more, I’d like to know, but in due time.~ He knows a few dark secrets about me as well, but not everything, like I said, in due time. That’s the way friendship grows damn it. Sometimes..I just wanna slap him. ._. Other times I want to rape him..OTHER TIMES..I just wanna hug him, I want him to hug me.<3 :O GOOD THING HE DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT THIS, IT WOULD BE QUITE EMBARRASSING!! I wonder if Andy still writes in her blog. o- O; Anyways, back to the site.. I HAS FOUND MAH HAVEN! It’s fantasic, not sure if there’s girls my age there though. A lot of them look older. There’s this girl in my English and Lunch class and she’s fat..and she’s spanish. Fatter than my fucking little brother..And like, her ass is like a wall. Literally, like a wall. BAM. FLAT AS A BOARD. She’s always giving me these dirty bitch looks, I wanna slap her eyes out. God, she’s in my literature circle group. We’re reading dreamland. Eh, it’s okay. I broke my guitar string, totally sucks ass. <///3  Anyways, here’s my badge.

<embed wmode=”opaque” src=”; FlashVars=”backgroundColor=0x111113&textColor=0x3F484B&″ width=”206″ height=”242″ bgColor=”#111113″ scale=”noscale” allowScriptAccess=”always” allowFullScreen=”true” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” pluginspage=””&gt; </embed><br /><small><a href=””>Visit <em>Quirky Black Girls</em></a></small><br />

Hope you can see it.. Dx


~ by souplovespie on March 21, 2010.

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